What can Balance to You do for me?

At Balance to You we have collected the best practitioners (Acupuncture, Access Bars, Naturopathy, Remedial and TCM Remedial Massage) in their fields to offer a full scope of alternative therapies along with strength and conditioning, yoga and kettlebell coaching. Our team is dedicated to the best results, delivered on a client by client basis not a generic blanket

Do I need to book an appointment?

Booking an appointment ensures that the practitioner is available to see you at your selected time.

If I have never been in a gym before can I still train?

Our performance package is tailored for beginners to advance athletes (people) and includes two strength and conditioning classes and a choice of Yoga, “The Hurt locker” or a kettlebell skills class.

Can I just train without being a member?

Yes, you can pay for a casual yoga, kettlebell or hurt Locker class but the strength and conditions is inclusive to members only. We are a private studio that is tailored to small numbers, our classes are no more than six people to ensure maximum safety while reducing your cost.